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When you’re a kid, you color with reckless abandon.
You color outside the lines.
You color however you feel.
Blue elephants, purple trees, red bears, green oceans — it’s all good.

As you get older, though, everyone tells you to stay inside the lines, to color everything just like you see it. You end up painting by numbers — wether you actually paint or wether you write or sing or dance or act or direct.

I think you should create what you feel. Create outside the lines. I want to watch green oceans and red bears. I’d love to listen to purple trees. And I long to read blue elephants.


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Ahmed Aarad

Written by Ahmed Aarad

Bestuurder bij stichting Open Source & Overheid, freelance ICT en Aanbestedingsjurist, distantieert zich van rechts/links denken heeft het liever over goed of fout en vindt dat integriteit niet te leren is. “If you are not a better person tomorrow than you are today, what need have you for tomorrow?”